Rock Cracker
Mattson Intertool

The Rock Cracker is a non-explosive rock-splitting tool which makes use of the
technology of motive force. A device filled with a motive medium cartridge generates
a pressure impulse in the device. The pressure impulse is transmitted by means of a path
into an incompressible fluid column (water of gel) situated in a pre-drilled hole in the
rock. The success of the system is due to the special technology of the motive force being
used. The unique qualities of the motive force and the cartridge generate a rapidly
advancing force wave. This impulse pressure starts the spread of the fracture surfaces
in the direction on the stress concentrations and the next free surface. The static pressure
developed by the motive medium generates a further mechanical pressure in the rock
where by the rock bursts. The direction of the break can be controlled by the arrange-
ment of the drilling or the indentation of the hole.

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